Sandgaard Essentials are high-quality, simple and must-have
styles that meet every woman’s needs.

We are proud to present a wide range of all -year classic
designs with the perfect fit in many different colours.

Never out of stock, always at affordable prices and with great
What’s not to like?

We are represented in retail and department stores
throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe.
As well as via e-commerce platforms such as Otto, Zalando,
About You etc.
Hopefully more to come.

We give you
Sandgaard Essentials

Gozzip is feminine fashion – close to you.
A collection of high-quality luxury styles with a bohemian touch and lots of details.
All colour-coordinated in soft tones to give you endless mix-and-match possibilities. We design for the curvy woman who wants to feel and look good without standing out. Our layer-on-layer principle, recognisable styles and fine beautiful prints have been created to ensure a feminine and elegant look.

Gozzip Black is a small add-on collection of cool and edgy styles – often in black – that complement the main collection. This allows rawer designs, adds contrast and gives an extra wow effect to the Gozzip collection.

So, whether you’re looking for something special for a night out or just want to update your everyday wardrobe, Gozzip is the perfect place to start your search.

See GOZZIP website and collections here

Make and entrance

STUDIO is cool and smart fashion
We operate like a studio where you can explore new ideas, colours and designs, or where you can make just the entrance you want.

Our collections are created to flatten your curves with eye-catching prints, smart styles and bold colour combinations.
A playful and powerful look – a raw and feminine mix.
We want a look that makes you feel alive.

See STUDIO website and collections here